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Go ahead, call me crazy. I know it sounds weird – dry brushing a favorite thing…really? Yes, really!

Dry brushing is something I actually look forward to before I hop in the shower each day. To be honest, sometimes it is what gets me to take a shower. There are so many wonderful benefits of dry brushing, but I just love the way it feels. It’s invigorating. Also, it’s indulging – I love spending time taking care of me. And with your skin being the largest organ in your body, it’s definitely something you want to take care of!

The benefits:

Dry brushing increases circulation, reduces the appearance of cellulite (hello), and makes your skin glow.

Dry brushing assists in lymphatic drainage, which releases toxins held by the body.

Since dry brushing invigorates the nervous system through the activation of nerve endings it creates an electric sensation on the skin’s surface.

Dry brushing done consistently over helps the skin become smoother, more radiant and softer to the touch.

Overall, dry brushing daily is a natural way to increase circulation, improve metabolism, eliminate dead skin cells, and help the body’s natural detoxification process.

I own two brushes and use them both. The Merben brush above is a softer brush that feels good after being out in the sun or after a workout when my skin seems to be more sensitive. The other brush I have is much firmer. It is by Elemis (mine is REALLY old). I love to use this one when I really want a good deep brushing…like before I self-tan. The firmer brushes helps to slough off the remains of my self-tanner and preps my skin to absorb the self-tanner more evenly. The Elemis brush does take a bit of getting used to as the bristles are firmer so goes easy the first time you use.

Tell me – do you dry brush? Do you love it? Do you see noticeable results? I sure do.




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