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February Edit-2With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I am craving all things moody and romantic. I mean it’s cold and dreary in most parts of the country in February; however, the Valentine’s Day holiday adds a touch of romance. Do you think someone did that on purpose? In one of the dreariest of months, they thought – let’s add a holiday for romance…it definitely gives people something to look forward too. And, don’t you find it interesting that it falls exactly halfway through the month? As we all know we wouldn’t be able to wait to the end of the month. Okay, I know…not true…but it makes you think, doesn’t it? Anyway, on my radar this month…

.01 :: A moody and romantic bedroom. I have always loved black as an accent in interiors (it’s kinda my signature), but paired with a pale pink and you have the perfect moody yet romantic combination. The black in the rug, lampshade, and background of the peacock picture really ties it all together. I know…I am usually a neutral girl but I must say this bedroom above is calling to me. There is something about it that is so inviting. I just want to crawl in bed and read a book…which friends, is exactly how I plan to spend my Valentine’s Day!

.02 ::cinnamon roll cake. Cinnamon rolls and cake? I mean really, how can you go wrong? Have this for a Valentine’s Day breakfast. Or better yet, save it for a late night dessert. This is the perfect sweet to share with your sweet.

.03 :: A quote that makes you catch your breath. I have thought this before. Have you? It sounds perfect upon the first read. Yet, read it again and you think – wait they aren’t together…making it the perfect moody thought. However, I still love it.

.04 :: A dreamy dress. And bouquet. I love when a picture can make you see yourself there…on the edge of a lake, on an overcast and drizzly day, in a dreamy dress and a gorgeous bouquet…yep, I see it. It feels like another time or era, no? And, it’s so moody and romantic, isn’t it?

Tell me, friends, what is your mood for this month? With Valentine’s Day in a couple weeks, what, if anything, will you be doing?

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