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photos2018_mariphotographe___DANSLESAC_23sur66_1080xCan you believe we are almost at the end of January. One month of the new year almost gone. Kinda hard for me to believe. Anyway, I have some great intentions this month. Here they are…

.01 Quit sugar. I have done this in the past for short periods of time, but then I treat myself and it becomes a slippery slope downhill really fast. I have never been one that loves sugar (I am a salty girl through and through). Even as a child if I ate too much sugar it gave me an awful headache and I wouldn’t feel good. Yet, it seems in the last year, I have been craving sugar more lately. I don’t know why, but it’s not good. I need to give up the almost nightly sweets and only have a treat now and again like I used to. My plan is one treat a week and then starting in March I will go to once a month. Wish me luck!

.02 Know…that what is meant for me will never miss me and what misses me was never meant for me. How much easier would life be if we all just knew this?!?

.03 Post here at least three times a week. Whether anyone reads it or not. I need to just do it. It’s kind of scary beginning now as I feel so late in the game with all of these amazing established blogs; however, I just need to start and keep going. I will get there.

.04 Be honest. With myself. With telling others how I feel and what I want. I always put myself on the back burner and hide my feelings and I need to stop.

.05 Go see The Favourite and Mary Queen of Scots at the movies. I love this whole 1500-1700 time period. Also, if you like this time period to, I suggest you read Phillipa Gregory’s books. They are so, so good.

.06 Read. I love to read and have fallen off the reading train lately. This month, I plan to tackle a handful of books…and one cookbook (Feburary reading list coming soon). I love reading cookbooks and find so much inspiration in them.

.07 Remember to take my reusable cloth bulk bags to the grocery store each time I go. I am great about using reusable bags for groceries, but I forget on occasion my bulk/produce bags. Need to make this a priority as I really don’t like using plastic bags.

As I was writing out February’s intentions, I thought of a couple others that I can’t wait to start in March. Did you set intentions this month? If so, any you would like to share?



image via dan le sacs

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