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Ever since December, I haven’t been sleeping well for some reason. I thought it might be all the holiday excitement; however, now that we are into the new year things haven’t changed. Sleep is important to me. I usually try my hardest to get eight hours each night. The last handful of years, that has been my norm…that was until December. Now I am lucky if I fall asleep before 2 am. Eeks. I figured it was time to try a diffuser as I have a friend that just can’t say enough good things about them.

So I purchased a diffuser. And not just any diffuser, the one I had been eyeing for quite some time. This one…


The Vitruvi. The white color, the high-quality porcelain, and its clean lines sealed the deal for me. It was smaller than I initially thought but it ended up being the perfect size.  Really, just the right size. I love that it looks more like a piece of art than a diffuser. It has only one light option that is white…which is the only color I would want. The light it gives off is a soft glow. Another thing that I love, is that it doesn’t use heat to diffuse: it uses vibrations which keeps the full integrity of the essential oils. Also, it turns itself off when either the time is up or it runs out of water. Finally, I love the option of 3 hours continuous diffusing or 7.5 hours of intermittent diffusing. From the moment I plugged it in, I have been in love and use it every.single.night.

I also picked up Vitruvi’s Dusk blend which I thought would be great to help calm me down and fall asleep.

Dusk_990xIt is a blend to “inspire moonlight walks on desert paths.” Um, yes please! The oils in the blend are Ho Wood, Frankincense, Eucalyptus, and Lavender. And, it smells divine. I start the diffuser about 2 hours before bed and then crawl into bed and let the other hour diffuse while I am drifting off to sleep. Now that I know I love my new diffuser, I think I will be picking up this set of essential oils by Vitruvi for Goop.

Untitled design-4

This set includes blends that will take you for morning til night. And I will also be purchasing the Bergamot and Lavender oils. I love that Vitruvi’s oils are 100% pure undiluted premium grade and certified organic.

One other thing I treated myself to in order for a restful night sleep was I did was picked up new bedding. Nothing is more inviting than a new set of sheets.

bedding copyMakes you want to jump right in, doesn’t it?

And speaking of bedding, I have to wash my sheets at least once a week. Tell me – do you wash your sheets every week too?

Also, I no longer bring my phone to bed with me. It stays on the nightstand in airplane mode until the morning. Once I am all tucked in, I make a quick mental list of all the goods things that happened that day and say thanks. Ending my day with gratitude (even if it wasn’t a great day) helps me let go.



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